10 Things to Consider Before Choosing An Assisted Living Facility – Cost

Of course, it is important to understand the costs involved in assisted living. The majority of assisted living communities are private pay meaning that the resident is fully responsible for the cost. While Medicare and Medicaid do not usually cover the cost of assisted living services, long term care insurance does. Veterans and their spouses […]

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Assisted Living Facility – Services & Amenities

Leaving the home you have been in for years is difficult. However, if an assisted living facility provides a variety of services and amenities, it can significantly help the transition to a new environment. The key is to match your loved one’s current personality and interests to the services that would be most beneficial. For […]

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Assisted Living Community – Quality

Quality can be determined by a number of factors. Having information about each can give you a picture of the total quality that a community provides. Therefore, find out about licensure, length of stay, complaint resolution, and support services. Every state has different regulations governing assisted living communities. In Virginia, all assisted living communities are […]

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Assisted Living Community – Ambiance

When considering a tour of an assisted living community, its ambiance should be more than a feeling. It should encompass the staff interaction, apartment choices, and accessibility of home-like amenities. As you enter the community, the vibe should be warm and welcoming. The entire place should look, feel, sound, and smell inviting. Take note of […]

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Assisted Living Community – Location

The old adage of “location, location, location” definitely applies to assisted living. In this instance, “location” considerations should include both distance and surroundings. If you are looking for assisted living for a loved one then, maintaining your relationship with them and developing a good relationship with the assisted living community, will require the ability for […]

Decided to Age in Place? Make Sure It’s the Best Place for You

The choice to remain in your home throughout your retirement years involves careful thought and tough decisions. Before making your final decision, you should consider three factors: fit, friends & family, and finances. First, determine whether your home is still the best fit for your retirement. You have spent the majority of your life in […]